1. Tea Gardens, Palampur
The main attraction of the Palampur which attracts most of the people, is its lush and green tea gardens. Due to this, Palampur is also known as  'Tea Capital of Northwest India'. Spread over acres of land, these flourishing tea gardens are a source of livelihood for a majority of the locals of the region.

2. Saurabh Van Vihar
Saurabh Van Vihar is a beautiful garden in the Palampur town, named after valiant Army officer, Captain Saurabh Kalia. It is very beautiful and well designed park which is managed by the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department is situated in proximity to Neugal. This place is actually a forest patch in the river bed of River Nuegal. Water is diverted from the river to make a sort of step garden. It has a boating pond. The beauty of Dhuladhar range that is covered with snow, is really mesmerizing.

3. Neugal Khad
Neugal Khad is a very nice place to visit and it is situated at a distance of 2 km from the Palampur. The location is popularly known as Bundla Chasm. The main attraction of this place is its 300 m wide stream and it is noted tourist destinations of Palampur. You can walk along the river for hours climbing over rocks and it is very scenic. The monsoon season further enhances the beauty of the place. Due to this, a large number of tourists visit this area during this period.

4. Bundla Mata Temple
Bundla mata Temple is one of the popular Hindu Shrines located in the ambit of the township in Kangra district. It is among the most oldest temples in the city and most holiest and scared
sites in the Palampur. This beautiful temple is believed to have been constructed five centuries ago. The rituals performed in the temple are unique and have been practiced over the centuries.

5. Jakhani Mata
Jakhani Mata temple is a wonderful place to view that is situated near palampur town and is easily accessible by road. It is a great place of pilgrimage as well as fun. It has mind blowing sites and hill tops which are quite amazing. This is a place to feel the beauty of Dhauladhar from very close.

6. Sobha Singh's  Art Gallery
Sobha Singh's Art Gallery is one of the most prominent attractions of the city Palampur that exhibits contrasting and wonderful art work of famous artist, Sobha Singh.  Sir Sobha Singh is one of the most popular contemporary painter from Punjab, India. This famous art gallery is situated 12 km far from Palampur. The gallery is representing a vast collection of artwork and paintings.  Sohni-Mahiwal painting dating back to the 1940s is the highlight of this gallery. The painting of Heer-Ranjha is also appreciated by visitors. Portraits of Indian heroes and leaders painted by Sir Sobha Singh including that of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri, among others are a part of the collection displayed in the gallery.

7. Andretta Artists' Village
Andretta, also known as artist’s village, is a prominent tourist spot in the city of Palampur, located at a distance of 14 km from the town. Andretta Pottery is run by Mansimran "Mini" Singh, son of famous potter Gurcharan Singh. This Pottery and Craft Society was started in 1983. It is situated between the old Shuahk hills and the towering range of the Dhauladhar Himalaya.This village represents a unique blend of cultures. One can easily find several craft shops in the region selling miniature paintings from Kangra, Shobha Art Singh Gallery, Norah Center for the arts, and Norah Richard’s house. Besides, this Pottery and Crafts society it is also a most important spot for students who are interested to learn the art of making pottery. The society is providing 3 month courses for aspiring potters. These courses include accommodation, food and tuition.

8. Birni Devi Temple
Birni Devi Temple is a famous and holiest shrine in Palampur. People can be reached via here Lohna, Upper Bundla and Gallu Langha. From Gallu Langha, there is a moderate trek for Birni Devi Temple, which takes from 3hrs to 5hrs to complete.

9. Baijnath (Shiva) Temple
Baijnath Temple, established in 1204 A.D by Ahuka and Manyuka, two regional merchants. It is a one of the most beautifully maintained Ancient Shiva Temple and is a chief attraction of Palampur, located at a distance of 16 km from here. Since establishment, the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is continuously in construction. This is very famous ancient temple of Lord Shiva that is believed to be one of twelve jyotirlingas according to popular legends also giving the town its name. This temple is a beautiful example of the early medieval north Indian and temple architecture known as Nagara style of temples.

10. Al-Hill
Al-Hill is a one of the popular scenic spots and tourist destination, that situated at a distance of 12 km from the city of Palampur. The actual meaning of Al-Hilal is ‘land of the crescent moon’. This site provides beautiful sight of snow covered Dhauladhar ranges. The region served as a military bastion to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, which is at present one of the famous tourist spots in the region. Tourists can avail accommodation at a guest house named Taragarh fort, which spreads across an area of 15 acre in proximity to Al-Hilal.

11. Sherbling
Sherbling is a very popular and prominent tourist place in Palampur, that recognized for its enormous Buddhist viharas or monasteries. The Buddhist centre amidst the beautiful mountains was abode of Tai Siti Rimpoche, one of the well-known Buddhist preachers.
Sherbling houses a large stupa (a Buddhist religious monument) which is surrounded by lush green vegetation and woods draw attention of the tourists. This palce is visited by peace seekers and Buddhist pilgrims all the year round. Rimpoche, the head monk, appears and greets his flowers and blesses them with his holy sermons every afternoon.

12. Tashi Jong Monastery
Tashi Jong Monastery is one of the famous attractions of the region. It is a one of the most noted tourist place of the city Palampur. The monastery is more of a community than a religious centre of Buddhists. Because, this is a home to several Tibetans refugees in the state. Peace seekers and Buddhist pilgrims visit this place often. The walls of the temple are prettily tinted, representing the Tibet culture and art. The monastery is very clean and well maintained. It is a beautiful and divine place. Along with that, there are also many beautiful gardens, restaurants, and craft emporiums that attracts most of people and visitors.

13. Dhauladhar National Park
Dhauladhar National Park, also known as Gopalpur Zoo. It is a famous tourist spot that helps to draw attention of wildlife enthusiasts. Located at a distance of 13 km from Palampur, this national park is one of the major attractions of the destination. Tourists visiting the mini zoo and can spot animals like leopards, black bears, angora rabbits, Asiatic lion, sambhar, red fox and varieties of deers. This place was set up in over an area of 30 acres by the the wildlife department of Himachal Pradesh Government.

14. Chamunda Devi temple
Chamunda Devi Temple is a very popular religious place or temple, that is counted among 51 Shakti Peethas according to the legends and Hindus scared books. This holy place is located at a distance of 10 km to the west of Palampur and 15 km from Dharamshala. The shrine dedicated to Goddesses Durga or Chamunda, provides an ideal ambiance for meditation and seeking blessing of the Goddess. Homage at the shrine is believed to provide spiritual peace for the ancestors of devotees. It is believed that this beautiful temple is built approximately 700 years ago.

15. Trekking, Palampur
Trekking is one of the popular tourist activities in Palampur. Many trekking routes passing through the Dhauladhar Mountains exist between Palampur and Chamba. Palampur to Holi via Shingar pass, Palampur to Dharamsala via Indrahar Pass, and Baijnath to Manali via Thamsar pass are considered to be some of the noted trekking routes. Treks of 5-8 days duration are viable. The months between May and October are considered ideal for trekking

16. Bir and Billing
Bir is around 29 km away from Palampur and is known all over the world as a best place for Trekking and paragliding. Bir village is also famous for its Tibetian Colony and Buddhist monasteries. It is a place for Hang gliding and  para-gliding. Hang gliding pilots use it as their landing site. Beautifully Tibetan handicraft products are also produced here. The village of Billing is 14 km ahead of Bir and has a spot from where paragliders take off. Along with this, visitors and tourist must remember that Billing is not suitable for hang gliding freshers. More over there are neither courses offered nor any equipment available here