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Jai Maa Brahmani Marbles and Tiles
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Main Chowk, Padhiarkhar, Teh. Palampur, Distt. Kangra (H.P.) - 176061

Jai Maa Brahmani Marbles and Tiles - Padhiarkhar, Palampur

Marble Dealer, Store, Shop in Padhiarkhar, Palampur

Marble is an attractive natural stone, formed under the Earth. It is composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble can be used as Tiles and Slabs for floors, Countertops, and Walls. Marble is known its quality, normal sparkle and nature of stone. Marble Tiles  are beautiful,  extremely impressive to look at, and always unique and highly durable. Marble tiles are versatile in nature and don't require any kind of chemical treatments.

Marble comes in wide range of colors and the installation and maintenance of it is effortless.

When it comes to flooring, Marble is the #1 choice as they provide the smooth and shiny feel. It can make your Home and kitchen’s presence more elegant.

Uses of Marble:

- Marble can be used for Flooring

- Marble can be used for Wall cladding

- Marble can be used for Kitchen backsplash

- Marble can be used for Bathroom

- Marble can be used for Kitchen

Why Marble?

1. Marble is low on Cost.

2. Marble Tiles looks attractive.

3. Marble Tiles are available in wide range of colors & sizes from large slabs to small subway tiles.

4. Can be used in almost any settings, like Bathroom, Kitchen and almost in any room.

Marble Temples / Mandir in Palampur

Marble temple or marble mandir is good for home. Vaastu experts highly recommend Marble temples for homes. If budget is not a problem then go for white marble to make a temple in your home. Indeed, it is an expensive material but it looks so great, graceful and neat. From small to large, we have wide range of Marble Temples / Marble Mandir available at our Marble Store in Palampur.

Marble God Idols, Marble Murti in Palampur

Makrana Marble stone is considered one of the best stones in the world for Marble Idols as it retains a high grade polish for a very long time. We deals in best quality Marble Murti, Marble God Idols in Palampur. Whether you are looking Marble Idol / Murti of Shree Ganesh, Marble Idol of Baba Balaknath ji or Marble Murti of Hanuman ji.. we have all. Visit us for Marble Idols / Marble Murti at our Marble store in Palampur.

Granite Store, Dealer in Palampur

Granite is created by the unpredictable forces of nature, which turn ordinary rock into a piece of beauty. Granite Slab is broad and thick and larger than a tile. They are made from Granite blocks. These blocks are carefully cut into flat levelled sheets or slices. Marble is durable and environmentally safe material, and widely used in the construction industry. Marble have a long life, often lasting for centuries.

Granite Slabs in Palampur

Granite slabs come in varieties of colours and wide range of patterns. Being natural, Granite Slabs do not carry uniform patterns or shapes. They are available in variety of Shapes, i.e. Square, Oval, Rectangular, Pentagon, and Circular. Similarly, Marble Slabs also available in various colors like White, Black, Grey, Green, Brown and Red. It is ideal for adding a high-end finish to your home and also provide plenty of styles.

Usage Of Granite Slabs:

Granite can be used for Flooring

Granite can be used for Garden Bench

Granite can be used for Stair Floor

Granite can be used for Tabletops

Tiles Store, Dealer in Palampur

Tiles are one of the Flat, Thin, Square or rectangular objects manufactured from hard-wearing material such as stone, metal, ceramic, baked clay, or even glass that are arranged in rows to cover roofs, floors, bathroom, kitchen walls, edges or other objects like, tabletops.

Tile is available in many varieties of colors, textures, sizes, and materials. Tiles are easy to clean, Simple to Repair and Maintain, Rugged Durability and Cool to Touch. We at Tile store, Dealer in Palampur deals in both Ceramic Tiles in Palampur, Vitrified Tiles in Palampur.

Wheather you are looking for Tiles for Home, Tiles for Shop, Tiles for Showroom in Palampur we have wide range and varities available.

- Floor Tiles in Palampur

- Wall Tiles in Palampur

- Stair Tiles in Palampur

- Kitchen Tiles in Palampur

- Bathroom Tiles in Palampur

- Elevation Tiles in Palampur 

- God Tiles in Palampur

Tiles are usually thin, square or rectangular coverings manufactured from hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass. They are generally fixed in place in an array to cover roofs, floors, walls, edges, or other objects such as tabletops