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Marble Dealer, Store, Shop in Banuri, Palampur

Marble is a very famous natural stone which is used as Marble Tiles and Slabs for floors, Countertops, and Walls. Known for its quality, normal sparkle & nature of stone. Marble Tiles  are extremely impressive to look at, beautiful and always unique and highly durable. They are also very versatile in nature and don't require of any kind of chemical treatment.

The installation and maintenance of Marble are effortless. Marble has been just like a Solid Rock and comes in a wide range of colors.

Marble is the most popular flooring choice for home as they provide the smooth and shiny feel. The smooth and shiny feel of this natural stone can make your Home and kitchen’s presence more elegant.

Marble can be used for multipurpose:-


Wall cladding

Kitchen backsplash




Why we choose Marble?

1. Low on Cost.

2. Very attractive tiles.

3. Marble Tiles are available in various different colors and sizes from large slabs to small subway tiles.

5. Marble tiles can be used in almost any settings, like Bathroom, Kitchen and almost in any room.

Marble Temple, Marble Mandir in Banuri, Palampur

Marble temple is auspicious for home. Vaastu experts recommend Marble temples for homes and offices. White marble is recommended to make a temple in your home. No doubt it is an expensive material but it looks so attractive, graceful and neat.

Granite Dealer, Store, Shop in Banuri, Palampur

Granite is a natural stone. It is a very hard igneous rock containing quartz, mica and feldspar as its main mineral makeup. It is an intrusive rock, meaning that it crystallized from magma that cooled far below the Earth's surface.


What is Granite and its uses?

Granite has been in use for more than thousands of years as Dimension stone, as Construction material, as Decorative, and Architectural stone. An attractive and prestigious material, Granite is ideal for a wide range of interior projects.


What Colour is Granite?

Granite is an intrusive igneous rock with large grains and can be easily seen by the naked eye. Granite are easily available in pink, white, variations of Gray and Black.


Types of Granite

There are 3 different levels of Granite. Level 1 (Low Grade Granite), Level 2 (Mid-Grade Level) and Level 3 + (High Grade Granite). The grade of the granite slab can be determined by colors, veins, pitting, marking and thickness.


Tile Dealer, Shop, Store in Banuri, Palampur

Tiles are one of the flat and square objects that are arranged in rows to cover the roofs, floors and bathroom walls, etc. Usually thin, square or rectangular coverings manufactured from hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, baked clay and metal. It's an exceptional choice for flooring. 


Importance of Tiles?

Tiles are Dirt Resistance - Ceramic and porcelain tiles do not retain dust or residues as easily as many other flooring surfaces.

Tiles are Stained Resistance.

Tiles are Slip/Skid Resistance.

Tiles are Color Permanence.

Tiles are Hygiene.


How thick is Tile?

The most popular and readily available tile sizes are (in inches) 12 x 12, 16 x 16, 12 x 24 and 18 x 18.


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